Mission Statement

Planet Zyz is an Unincorporated Association

We at Planet Zyz believe that creating music and song is an activity that the whole community has traditionally engaged in, as a powerful means of expression. It is only in recent times that original music has become seen as the preserve of a few highly revered ‘stars’ or professionals. In the past music was participatory, it was a non-commercial means of communication, and it celebrated community experience. Our aim is to create the means and opportunities for members of the community to engage in the creation of their own music and song, for its own sake or as part of broader artistic activity.

Who we are

The Planet Zyz committee

Steven McDaniel

Steven McDaniel - Chair

Steven is a sensitive musical collaborator who is inspired by the musical ideas of others and has the skills necessary to bring those ideas to musical fruition. For many years he has been able to combine this talent with his teaching and engineering experience to enable people of all abilities, ages and backgrounds to create and record their own music, in the various community music projects he has been involved with he become aware of the huge wealth of hidden talent and creativity in the community, and how enabling personal musical expression can be highly therapeutic, and extraordinarily communicative.

Links: Lark, Solstice, Katie Buckhaven, Soul Selecta, Sound Cloud

Michele Welborn

Michèle Welborn - Treasurer

Michèle is a singer and songwriter who is also known for her interpretations of traditional and contemporary ‘folk’ songs, and performs with other fine musicians at festivals, clubs and pubs around the country. Michèle was an English and Art teacher for many years, later working in a school for young people with Severe Learning Difficulties. She has also taught classes for parents through the National Childbirth trust. In recent years she has run singing and performance workshops that nurture new talent and has organised music events that give a platform to young and upcoming musicians to introduce their own music to new audiences.

Links: Michèle Welborn

Lucy Holdom

Lucy Holdom - Secretary

Lucy studied French at University College London, and later British Sign Language, which she now uses in her work with the deaf. Alongside her linguistic skills, Lucy has a wide-ranging love of music, becoming a skilled classical oboist in her teens. She has performed orchestral, solo and chamber work. Through her experience of single parenthood, alongside managing her own health condition, Lucy has developed a keen understanding of the isolation felt by vulnerable sections of society and now works in the community supporting the profoundly deaf, deafblind people, and the elderly using various communication methods. She currently has several roles within Norfolk County Council, Cultural Services and Community Services, Sensory Support. Lucy is a strong advocate of the importance of musical expression in supporting well-being, and brings a keen eye to detail as secretary of Planet Zyz.

Other Board Members



With three decades experience as a professional photographer, musician, writer and teacher, Phoenix brings the specialisms of each of his crafts to Planet Zyz, but also the understanding of the synthesis between them. As a musician he has played, written, produced and collaborated on many internationally successful projects and bands (Sadie Nine, Caroline Lavelle, Redhed, Symphony of Pain), but it is his photography for which he is best known. His iconic images have graced album covers and tours, many music and style magazines and every national newspaper. As an artist in his own right, he has had several successful solo exhibitions, but has also played a pivotal role in the publicity imagery for wide range of high profile musicians, films, actors, artists and businesses, from Hugh Cornwell to MacMillan cancer support, and Newton Faulkner to the Gherkin (Swiss Re / Bank of England) via Czech romantic comedy drama and Blondie. He understands the role of images in bringing art and music projects to their true audience.

Links: photosbyphoenixHugh Cornwell

Yaw Asiyama

Yaw Asiyama

A poet, playwright, song-writer, storyteller, painter, fashion designer, cook……., Yaw is the epitome of ‘The Creative Soul’. Despite the apparent range of pursuits, everything Yaw creates is clearly ‘Yaw’. All of his art is imbued with heart and passion that communicates immediately with anyone, reading, watching, singing, eating or just embracing his work. Many people first encounter Yaw at his ‘Soul-food’ events, in which he serves up extraordinary african based Yaw-food to the backdrop of intriguing performance of which he is invariably a part. Later they watch one of his musical-story-plays such as ‘Slave Story’ or ‘What Black Women Want’ and are moved to tears. Then one day they see his fashion design and paintings full of colour, movement and metaphor. Yet, whatever he does, Yaws work always seem to involve a lot of people who are being inspired and empowered to realize their own talents and to perform in ways they never thought they could, and for that reason his contribution to Planet Zyz is invaluable.

Tim Heymerdinger

Tim Heymerdinger

Tim is a drummer, musical collaborator and “Ringleader of Ghosts in Daylight”. He played on the first Planet Zyz produced album - 'Lark', and developed the artwork concept for the same. Previously, he has operated within Wolverton's arts and community scene for many years, volunteering to support local youngsters, developing musicality and communication within a band setting. Recently, Tim returned from a musical sojourn in Melbourne, where besides working with upcoming artists there, worked as a volunteer music therapist with children living with cancer.

Links: Lark, Ghosts in Daylight