Pieces for Piano

Steven McDaniel

Steven McDaniel

When I first saw Tajinder Bhui's paintings I was immediately inspired to create some music. The paintings are abstract yet full of warmth, emotion and colour. The music I created all sprung from my improvisations at the keyboard, performed with these beautiful paintings in mind.

I used computer technology in the creation of this music. It is like painting or even sculpting with sound. My approach was to capture performance at a moment in time, then manipulate the material, sometimes subtly, sometimes deeply, to create the final pieces. My aim is always to transcend the technology and produce music with heart and soul.

Pieces for Piano began as improvisations at the Kurzweil electronic keyboard capable of capturing great nuance of performance. The ‘Midi information’ (data about the pitch and velocity of each note strike) was then used to ‘play’ some proprietary software (from 'Reason') - two carefully sampled pianos, a Steinway D and a Yamaha C7, both captured with great authenticity. The Midi information was adjusted and manipulated to create the final pieces.

The finished suite accompanied Tajinder's exhibition of her paintings at Queen Mary, University of London in March 2012.

You can listen to the whole suite by clicking on the links below. The album will be released soon, watch this space.

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