Under a Big Orange Moon

Michèle Welborn

Steven McDaniel

Michèle Welborn and I have been friends for a long time, performing together in different ensembles since the late nineties. Michele is unsurprisingly known for her evocative vocals, but this album presents her true nature as poet and songwriter. The album was painstakingly produced in the Planet Zyz Studio, and I took a lot of care to realize Michèles vision for each track. All the other musicians on the album are people she has worked with over the years, friends who lend a unique flavour no detached session musician could have achieved.

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In Under a Big Orange Moon Michèle had the opportunity to complete songs that had previously never been put out to the public, and some of that material we wrote together. At the same time, I was playing my songs live in a solo act. As the making of the album neared its end we decided to join forces and create a duo to play music from both of our catalogues, rework some old stuff and write a-new. Here are some videos of us performing together.

No Courage in Him is a traditional song which appeared on Michèle's Album Tongue and Groove released in 1998. Film by Jason Impey, sound by me, and food, floorspace and audience by Yaw Asiyama as part of his show Sing for your Supper.

Here's another from the same gig at Yaw's House. Merlins Daughters is taken from the new album.

Under a Big Orange Moon opens with The Good Wife . Here's the duo version:

Snow is a Dead Beauty was our writing collaboration and was one of the pieces I played in my solo act.

A Fine Madness is a song by Paul Martin and Jenny Miles, and first appeared on Michèle's album Don't Call Her After Midnight. Our version is a bit different:

On the album, Lovely Molly is fully orchestrated. Here's a much simpler version.