Steven McDaniel and Lark

Steven McDaniel

Over a period of about five years Tim Heymerdinger (Drums), Guy Jones (Bass) and myself would take time out of our hectic lives, meet up at the Madcap Theatre studio I was running and spend excellent evenings intensively working on my songs just because we loved making music together. As time went on we did a few gigs and we got others involved, Dave Wilkinson(Guitar), and Katie Buckhaven (Vocals) in particular. Eventually we recorded our work and took time to arrange and produce it.

We got Allan Davies to do the artwork, and Phoenix the photography, and the result is a beautiful thing. Have a look at the LARK WEBSITE.

You can hear the whole album and even purchase a copy on BANDCAMP.

Appropriately the CD was launched at the Madcap Theatre in the same building it was recorded in. Sadly, the venue will be closing soon. I'm so happy the event was captured by Floyd and Phoenix, two of the best photographers in the world. All photos below are theirs.

The team arrived early that day to set up the space.

and he also plays the piano very well.

Bass player Guy Jones' other job is Lighting Designer.

I do sound.

Drummer Tim Heymerdinger's input can be seen all over the CD. He also sets up his own drums.

The back projection was set up to show Allan Davies' artwork throughout the show

Dave Wilkinson is just cool.

The other indispensable members of the technical team arrived, Mark Pittam-(Best) Sound Engineer (2012!), Gawaine Parker-recording engineer

And we were ready to get on with it.

Here's the band opening the show, the lads are joined by the renowned singer/songwriter Katie Buckhaven, here on bv's.

Tim Heymerdinger, drums and percussion

Guy Jones, Bass.

David Wilkinson, guitar

Me and Katie getting the audience to sing 'Sweating Cold Minestrone'. They did.

Guy Jones, another bass

We were joined for a couple of songs by some more prestigious singers, Nicky Prince and Gershom Brown

The crowd was mesmerized.

Finally, the performers take a bow. Yaw Asiyama's here too, our Master of Ceremonies.

Clearly, they loved us!